Chalk Stick Kit

This kit includes Chalk Stick, case of 144 pieces of chalk (choice of Blue, Red, Yellow or White) and chalk stick pouch.
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Our 48-inch Adjustable Chalk Stick Tire Marker labels tires the easy way. Its unique telescoping design extends this durable unit enabling operation without stooping over or kneeling. The adjustable, lightweight, aluminum shaft provides for easy storage. Available in 90° curved or straight end models.

This product bears no sharp edges or connections, which avoids any potential tire damage.

The marker's 4-foot, ergonomic design adjusts to fit the varying heights and reaches of any potential user.

Yellow, White, Red and Blue Chalk is available in cases of 144 pre-sized pieces to fit every chalk stick tire marker perfectly.

A velcro, belt-slotted, black ballistic nylon chalk pouch shown with the 90° curved model is also available separately to compliment these products.

Industrial Chalk Sticks are perfect for highly visible, temporary marks on metal, wood, concrete, rubber, plastic, stone and cardboard.

You will receive 144 pieces of railroad chalk per case. Sticks are 4 inches x 1 inch and tapered for a comfortable grip.

Our Chalk Stick Pouch holds one piece of chalk and can be attached with the velcro to several items including your Telescoping Chalk Stick Tire Marker.

You can also wear the pouch on your belt with the attached belt loops. This product is made from black ballistic nylon insuring a long use life.

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