Valet Parking Products – FAQs


  • Can I pick up my order at your warehouse?

    We have some items at our location which can be picked up, but many of our products come directly from the manufacturer and would shipped directly to you.

  • Can I purchase with a Municipal P.O?

    We do accept PO's from Municipalities. If you would like to order online just set up an account and contact us we can change you account to terms.

  • How do I set up an account online with terms?

    Once you become a terms customer, you'll need to set up a user name and password online, then call us at 360-574-9313. We will switch your account to a 'terms customer' and upon checkout, all you'll need to do is use a purchase order number instead of a purchasing card. We will invoice you when your order ships. It's that easy!

  • Do you have quantity discounts?

    We do have several products with quantity discounts. The discounts will be indicated on the individual product pages.

  • How do I sign up for an account that is tax exempt?

    As of April 1, 2019 we will begin charging Sales Tax on all sales drop shipped into CA, CO, GA, MD and MI in addition to WA. We will be adding more states as required. If you are tax exempt in those states, please email a copy of your Resale Certificate to

  • What are your terms?

    If you have an account with us, our terms are Net 15.

  • What kind of discount can I get off my order?

    Check out our social media pages where we give earliest notification of upcoming deals and discounts

Gorilla Post

  • What is a Magnetic Gorilla Post?

    The Gorilla Post System revolutionized the parking industry by using neodymium magnets to lock the rugged delineators, signposts, and bollards into a precise position. An ergonomic tool lifts the industrial- strength magnets to allow quick, temporary removal of the impact-resistant signposts and delineators. The systems base plate is ADA-compliant.

  • Can you put a sign on all the Gorilla Post products?

    A plastic or plastic core 12” x 18” sign can be attached to all Gorilla Post tubes that are 4” or less in diameter. You can attach the sign directly to the tube used bolts or use one of the handy hardware options we have for signs. The 7” is a thinner material that does not support attaching a sign.

  • Can the Gorilla plates hold up to snow removal?

    The Gorilla Post plate is slightly less than ¼” tall and the top portion of the plate is beveled at an angle. A snow plow can manage to impact the side of our plate as is also the case with raised yellow lane markers, raised blue location markets and raised ceramic dot lane indicators. Those markers and indicators are several times taller than our plates, however.

Revenue Enforcement

  • What happens when someone drives off while the tire has a Wheel Boot on it?

    It is not recommended that someone does that. It will destroy their vehicle.

  • How much does the chalk stick weigh?

    It's lightweight, only weighing just slightly more than 1 lb.

  • Does the chalk stain or damage tires?

    The Railroad chalk we carry does not stain or damage tires. It washes off easily with water.

  • Why is the white chalk yellow?

    The White Chalk is lightly coated for clean handling. When you mark, it comes out white as intended.

  • What is the use of the Chalk Pouch?

    If you're out marking tires, it's used to hold an extra piece of chalk so you don't have to get your pocket dirty with chalk dust. It definitely comes in handy.

  • If I have less than 30, 60 or 100 spaces in my lot, how could I block off the extras on my Honor Box?

    We have something called a Slot Boot that easily blocks off those unused spaces. We sell them in sets of 5.

  • What is the difference between a curved or straight end chalk stick tire marker?

    The difference depends on how you will use the Chalk Stick.  If you will be walking, a curved end is typically a better choice.  If you are going to be in a cart, a straight end might be a little easier to use.  But, really, it’s all about your preference.   

Facility Essentials

  • Where can I purchase the recycle bins like the ones at the Moda Center?

    Those bins are the GreenDrop Recycling Station and can be purchased in either custom or standard configurations. For additional information, visit

  • If I don’t have a key, what is the best way to move a car in my valet lot?

    The easiest way to move cars around is to attach (4) GoJak’s to the tires. Easily move locked or blocked cars in seconds! No need to enter the car, unlock brakes steering wheel or transmission. Able to jack vehicle weights to 6,300 lbs.,1,574 lbs. per wheel, including light duty trucks with tire widths up to 13 inches wide and 36 inches tall.

  • What product can I use to remove graffiti?

    The SAFETY TWO Graffiti Remover is an environmentally safe and time-tested formula that is made of powerful de-greasers and deodorizers specially blended to outperform conventional and aerosol graffiti removers. This Heavy-Duty Graffiti and Adhesive Remover dissolves unsightly markings on porous surfaces including concrete, brick, tile, etc.

  • How often should I clean my parking equipment electronics?

    Once a week is good practice for longevity of your equipment and to help for faster, errorless transactions. In the time it takes you to swipe a credit card or insert a dollar bill, you can clean your parking equipment of dirt, dust, oils, and other contaminants.  These pollutants, present everywhere, can be removed through quick and easy maintenance.  Convenience keeps customers happy and returning.  The speed in which their transactions are processed is important in this fast-paced environment.  Unnecessary delays through multiple swipes, unreadable credit cards, invalid bills, even poor receipt quality can frustrate customers. Removing dust and cleaning your equipment is easy with our selection of equipment cleaning products

  • Can the Jump Starters handle jump starting my large vehicle?

    With 1700 Peak Amps and 425 cranking amps, they are made to jump start many vehicles on the road. From a Mini to a 4WD Pickup or SUV, they can do the job!

Parking Lot Protection

  • How do I block off my parking space?

    The MySpot 500 is a great way to block off your parking spot! The system is battery powered and restricts unauthorized access to parking spaces, driveways and access ramps, while providing the convenience of using a remote control to park by authorized vehicles only. Installation is simple and quick – no digging or site preparation is required!

  • How do I know which size safety mirror to choose?

    There are a few things to remember when choosing a Safety Mirror. First, what you are trying to see, the distance you are trying to see will determine the size of the mirror. Second, the space you have to put the mirror. As a base, you should estimate one inch, in diameter for circular and in width for rectangular, of convex mirror for every foot in viewing distance from the mounting location.  Another thing to consider is that the mirror is measured by the diameter. For example, a 48" mirror is 4' across, the circumference of the mirror would be 150.72".

  • What is the difference between a speed bump and a speed hump?  Are end caps required?

    Both Speed Bumps and Speed Humps are used to slow vehicles down. Speed Bumps, with a more pronounced height, are typically used to keep speeds down to 5MPH in a parking lot or private roadway. Usually, they are not allowed on public roadways because of the risk of loss of vehicle control if hit at too high of a speed. Speed Humps do not sit as high but are longer width-wise to create a gentler vehicle rocking motion as a driver moves over it. Speed Humps are made to keep speeds down to 15MPH. End caps are not required, they are mostly there to help make the speed bumps/humps less of a trip hazard but can also be more aesthetically pleasing.

  • Do the warning stickers come with all gate arms?

    Yes. Our PVC Gate Arms include warning stickers and the Amano & Magnetic brand Gate Arms have a different style warning sticker on them. We also sell the warning stickers separately if you would like to add them to your gate arms.

  • How much padding is included on the Deluxe PVC Gate Arms?

    The PVC Gate Arms are 10 feet long and the padding is 9 feet long, which allows a foot at the end to fit into the end of the gate mechanism.

  • Which gates will the PVC Gate Arms fit into?

    When you purchase our universally designed Gate Arm Bracket Kit, the PVC Gate Arms will fit into most major gates.

  • Does the clearance bar come with chain?

    No- it does come eye bolts. You can pick up chain at your local hardware store.

  • Are Safety Mirrors easy to install?

    Yes. They have anywhere between 1 to 3 brackets to attach to the mirror and wall. Easy to follow instructions are included with every order.


  • Can you stack the EZ Grab Delineator Posts?

    When you remove the bases, each part can be stacked on top of or next to each other. But they do not nest like a cone.


  • Are the umbrellas wind resistant?

    Valet Umbrellas are not wind resistant when winds are over 10-15 MPH. Be sure to keep your umbrellas closed when they are not in use.

  • Are the umbrellas rain resistant?

    Valet Umbrellas will hold up a lite rain not heavy rain, if the need something for heavy rain then the umbrella need to be plastic, which we don’t have.

Traffic Control Supplies

  • What is melted bituminois?

    Also known as melted asphalt, it's something that is similar to our Bundy Pad, Adhesive Pad or Thermo Pad. Some you would use a torch to heat them until the melting point and then would attach the traffic marker. Once cooled, it is stuck down to the road.

  • What size are the vests? Do they fit a XXL person?

    Our safety vests are 'One Size fits Most' and typically fit up to an XL.

  • Can you wash your safety vests to keep them clean?

    You can wash our soft poly vests and Event Parking Vests in cold water and low heat in the dryer. But, the coated vests should not be washed in a regular washing machine.

Signs & Frames

  • What is the best way to hang the lane closed signs?

    The cable is 15 ft. long and has looped ends, so  you can install a hook or snap ring on either end of your opening to hang them from.  Having one end an open hook would make it easy .

  • What size sign do I need for this counter top display sign?

    Insert Size: 12” x 20” Visual Area: 10.75” x 18.50” Bleed: .88” x .88” Overall Size: 12.75" x 20.50” Insert Thickness (max.): .060” without divider, .035" with divider

  • What is the difference between WindMaster models WM4204 and WM4205? 

    WM4204 has round corners and opens on 2 sides. WM4205 has square mitered corners and all 4 sides open.

  • What is a parking garage voice alert system or exit warning system?

    A self-contained system that warns pedestrians that vehicle is about to exit a parking garage or other blind spot. When a vehicle is detected, the CAR COMING Parking Garage Exit Light SIGN activates a Visual Flashing Alert and a Voice Message stating "Attention, vehicles exiting". This garage exit warning system is a must for any garage that exit into a pedestrian walk way.

  • How do the Exit signs illuminate?  Do they need power?

    They do not need any power. Depending on which sign you choose, either the lettering or the background is made of ingenious Photoluminescent ink that glows for up to 90 minutes after loss of power. It works very much like the strip lighting in a commercial airplane.

Shipping & Returns

  • What is your return policy?

    Returns of unused products must be made within 14 days of receipt. Contact us first to get an RMA number so your return is not rejected. Returned product orders are subject to a 25% restocking charge. Freight will not be refunded. Custom orders are non-refundable. All prices subject to change without notice.