ID Locator Asphalt Paving Markers. Case of 100

An easy way to locate and identify!
Available in cases of 100

4-6 Weeks

ID Locator Asphalt Paving Markers. Easily locate and identify striping and all types of water, gas, electric and sewer covers under freshly paved asphalt. Developed from a new recyclable elastomer, the ID Locator adheres to any surface and pops up after being paved over with up to 5 inches of asphalt for easy locating and identification.

*Ends time-consuming painting and measuring.

*Replaces costly surveying and marking.

*Protects against expensive damage to covers and caps.

Developed from a new technology, the ID Locator is easy to use: just peel off the adhesive protective strip and stick the device onto any metal cover or pavement striping prior to paving.

Proven effective, this device will withstand truck tires, paving machine tracts and hot asphalt to pop - up after paving, leaving a safe, soft, flexible marker indicating the exact location of covers and striping.

After paving, street crews can return days, weeks or months later to locate the paved over covers, caps, striping or monuments.

The ID Locator will withstand temperatures ranging from - 40 to + 450 degrees.

Dimensions 3.5 inches square x 4 inches high.

Case of 100.

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