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Roll-Up Signs available in a variety of materials, sizes and messages for all of your signage needs. Fiberglass Ribsets are coated to prevent splinters and fraying and are included with sign and ready for use.

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Cortina Roll-Up Signs are available in Mesh Nonreflective (orange color only), Vinyl Nonreflective (orange color only), Superbright Reflective (orange, white and yellow colors only), Superbright Reflective (orange and pink colors only), Marathon Fluorescent (orange, white and lime colors only) and Diamond Grade Reflective (orange and white colors only) and in various sizes with various messages. These Roll-Up Signs meet MUTCD Standards and are NCHRP-350 Certified. Each sign includes Fiberglass Ribsets that are coated to prevent splinters and fraying. The Fiberglass Ribsets are riveted in the center with Velcro for extra stability and feature Lexan Rectangular pockets on all corners. Messages available: *Men at Work Symbol *Arrow 45° Symbol *Merge Left Symbol *Stop Light Symbol *Man in Bucket Symbol *Lentement Symbol *Do Not Pass Symbol *Construction Ahead *Merge Right Symbol *Traffic Control Person Symbol *Yield Ahead Symbol *Emergency Scene Ahead *Road Closed *Yield Pictogram on Oncoming Traffic
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