Retracta-Cone Cone Topper - 15 foot

Unlike throw-away tape, re-use as often as necessary
Available in Fluorescent Yellow or Fluorescent Orange with a 15-ft belt
Prices start at $89.00

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Cordon off your work areas to create a safer working environment with a Retracta-Cone Cone Topper. An ideal alternative to floor tape, the Cone Topper is reusable, more durable and more visable. It is also easier to use and more cost effective than metal or wooden barriers. This 15 foot belt option is available in your choice of Fluorescent Orange or Fluorescent Yellow. You may choose the standard Black/Yellow diagonal belt, one of the many choices of standard belt colors, or for a small up charge fee, any one of the double-sided specialty belt options. It arrives to you ready to go right out of the box and can connect to other Retracta-Cones easily. 

These work best on a semi-rigid cone that is at least 17 lbs, or you may stack your existing cones to equal the 17 lbs. necessary.

Prices start at $89.00.

*Cones shown in pictures are examples and do not come with cone topper.

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